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Born of the desire to help small businesses, families and individuals to navigate

the ever changing technology topography, EAC Enterprises was conceived primarily to

give back to the community

"A generous person will prosper; Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed"

Proverbs 11:25

George Janeira
Technology Consultant

Founding owner George Janeira brings thirty years of experience in the Information Technology Industry as well as a rounded knowledge of many different small business and personal use tech such as smartphones, wearable tech, laptops, tablets, connected home tech, as well as the growing need of individuals as well as small companies for simple, practical and inexpensive websites,  and computer training.

Lori Kubach
Director of Projects

As the Director of Projects & Training, Lori Kubach is courteous, knowledgeable, supportive, and professional.  Always available to answer questions and offer advice regarding all small business and personal technology.  Lori isalways just a phone call away.

Jaz Sheen
Graphics Designer

EAC uses some really creative young Graphic Designers such as Jaz Sheen,  who brings his compromised and unfiltered talent. Jaz's keen eye to Graphic Design keeps us all in suspension at what his next creation might be.

Jose Pereira
Network Administrator

To round off the EAC Enterprises senior staff team, Jose "Ze" has been called upon as an incredible source of knowledge in the Networking realm. He is a seasoned Networking Master and we are proud that he is part of the team.

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