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Seminar 1
"We Live in a Connected World - Come be a part of it !!"

In this General Computing seminar, you will learn how the internet works and the safest practices regarding security.  Lean all about Social Media, search engines, cloud, cookies, clients and servers.  Also the practice of cleaning, de-fragmenting and backing up a computer to get many years of use. This is the starting point for anyone that wants to learn technology from the ground up.

Seminar 2
"Smartphone Setup & Use" (apple & android)

The 2nd step to being connected to family, friends and rest of the world is to get a good understanding of the tools available today that connect us to the people and things we love. In this smartphone segment you will learn:

The most popular & useful settings - email & texting attachments - pictures & video - contacts & phone book - calendar appointments - bluetooth & WiFi setup & use - downloading apps

Seminar 3
"Social Media"

Connect and live the moments no matter how far they are.  In this segments you'll learn to create an account, log in and use social media:

Facebook - Messenger - Pinterest - Instagram - Skype - Facetime

Seminar 4
"Well Living - Body & Mind Fitness"

In this, one of the most popular topics, seminar as we have fun and get detailed on the following topics:

Digital assistants - wearable technology - mind & body exercise apps - connected home possibilities, fun wearable technology, home safety, etc.

Other Seminar Topics

The Technology Seminar Topics are literally endless. 

These are some of the other very useful and popular topics:

- Online Banking

- Tax Preparation

- Digital Maps & GPS

- Smart Home tech

Safe Driving

- Personal Safety

- Useful Software (Word, Excel)

- many more ...

(If you don't see the tech you need please go to the Contact Page and send me an email)

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